At Carter’s Piling Service we take quality assurance seriously.  We implement quality controls and checks to ensure that we are performing optimally in the industry of piling foundations.

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Carter’s Piling Ltd. has a comprehensive quality assurance program. This program is led by a documented process that has developed since its inception. The program dictates the guidelines to which we manufacture and install our screw piles. We procure only specific grade material, weld with only certified welders, and transport piles in a manner that ensures helix and pile integrity. All material is traced through heat numbers and MTRs, any weld inspection is executed by a third party, and all install torques are monitored and recorded twice: manually and via our digital torque monitors that take a torque reading every five seconds. This information is supplied as part our standard ITP / turnover package.

Carter’s Energy Services Ltd. employs a Full-Time Quality Control Manager to ensure our customers get the highest quality products and services. Our Quality Control Manager ensures that Carter’s procures the proper grade material for each individual project.  Varying project requirements dictate the different grades of material that are required, so we carefully analyse your specifications and provide the proper grade for your project.

The Quality Control Manager also traces all heat numbers identified on our Materials Test Report documents and performs weld inspections. We can meet any quality control requirements that may be required for projects.

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Quality Controls and Checks

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Business moves quickly in Western Canada. We have been there for the ups and downs already.  Work with a company that understands the vagaries of Canadian industries, whether it’s Oil and Gas,  Construction, Commercial, or Manufacturing.

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