Screw piles are advantageous to use in multiple industries.  There are applications for oil and gas industries, commercial and industrial, and even the residential market.

Save Money from Easy Transport and Minimal Site Work

Save Time with Rapid Installation

Install with Limited Site Access

Proven and Durable Technology

Oil and Gas, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Piling Projects — No project too big or too small.

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Oil and gas

Oil and gas projects can frequently benefit from screw pile foundations.  Oil and gas applications that should consider using our piles include pipelines, compressor stations, well pads, and tanks. Helical piles can save thousands of dollars when used in applications that typically require conventional heavy reinforced concrete mat. Carter’s experienced management team, our design and manufacturing capabilities, and our fleet of equipment and experienced installers allows us to provide high quality, safe foundation solutions.    

  • Can be designed to handle compression, tension and lateral loads
  • On-site installation is quicker and more cost effective than traditional solutions
  • Can be designed to handle any load requirement
  • Can be used to retrofit existing timber pile installations
  • Ideal for pipeline installations as well as pads
  • Perfect solution for environments that have difficult access or challenging installation conditions

Industrial and commercial

Due to the advantages in using screw piles, they are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications. Consider the advantages of using screw piles for projects such as work camps that need to be constructed quickly and removed when the job is complete.  Use our helical piles as foundations for steel buldings and transmission towers, or as a quick, cost effective, and safe way to put up light poles or signage.

  • Can be installed all year round
  • Can be installed below the frost line — that means no heaving
  • Installed without excessive vibration so there is no risk to surrounding areas
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be removed and reused on multiple projects
  • Since there is no excavation required, that means your site stays cleaner, and there is no backfill either

residential construction

Screw piles offer a foundation that is  strong, fast, economical, and convenient. Consider using screwpiles in residental construction for applications such as mobile home foundations, decks, and garages.  Screw piles are perfect when installing gates or retaining walls as well. Since they require no excavation or concrete curing times, project times go from days to hours.

  • Can be installed in wet weather
  • Perfect for any deck configuration
  • Much faster and more economical than traditional sonotubes 
  • Advantages to screw piles apply to small residential jobs just as much as large industrial jobs
  • Great solution for house additions 
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